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Sort Insurance trading under Sort Services LTD (Company number: 12894301). We can assist you with finding quotations for Van Insurance, Fleet Insurance including courier delivery or any other business use. You are strongly advised to understand our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy thoroughly before accepting our services.

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We want to provide our customers with quality services on their Quotes searching but must be noticed, after our searches if you are happy with one of the quotes and want to go ahead further, must follow the Quote Reference number or contact number provided with the quotes as we won't be able to arrange deals or contracts for customers under the 'FSMA Act 2000'.

Our Customers

You are requested very politely to be well aware of our Terms & Conditions along with the Privacy Policy and our limitations. You can count on our dependability, drives and integrity. We take great pride in what we do and build on achieving more and more every day.

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